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In 2020, a bill was introduced in Alaska (House Bill 291) to establish registration and other requirements for the practice of professional commercial interior design. It did not pass out of committee, and will not be enacted into law this year. 


At this time, Idaho and Washington are not actively pursuing commercial interior design legislation.


The movement to secure an interior designers’ right to practice is among one of the most significant issues facing current industry practitioners. IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter supports regulation of the interior design profession. IIDA NPC is continuing our effort to help develop an interior design advocacy campaign to cultivate a more positive legislative climate.


To be an advocate for the profession, we must know how to talk about what we do as interior designers and find opportunities to share that knowledge with others. We must keep up with current best practices as they relate to environmental stewardship and social responsibility and we must understand how interior design legislation impacts the profession.


If you are interested in getting involved in legislative activities or want to know more please contact Sarah Larson at

Check back frequently for updates and upcoming activities.


Interior Design laws help establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. IIDA firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through licensing, registration and certification brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility and encourages excellence in the Interior Design industry.

Check the National IIDA Advocacy website for the latest news from HQ.


Learn more about the existing Interior Design licensing and registration laws:

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