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RISE will return in Early 2026

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What is RISE?

Connect with professionals from the design and business communities at this inspirational breakfast keynote featuring the insights of nationally recognized thought leaders from within and beyond the design industry. Each year we seek to ignite interdisciplinary innovation and invite our guests to be inspired in their creative practice.

Our 2024 Speaker

Therese Huston is a renowned speaker, cognitive scientist, and feedback guru. She was the founding director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Seattle University. Her new book, Let’s Talk: Make Effective Feedback Your Superpower, is a guide for how managers and leaders can give better feedback, cultivate emotional intelligence, and build trust and engagement. Huston speaks regularly about how to give and solicit better feedback, how to curb unconscious bias in the workplace, and how to make smart people smarter at work.

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A Recap of 2024 RISE

​On Thursday, March 21st, the Nordic History Museum was the host of the 2024 RISE Leadership Breakfast. 

This event convened leaders and aspiring leaders for a morning of insight, inspiration, and networking. This year's gathering was marked by a standout presentation from Therese Huston, whose expertise in the nuances of feedback illuminated the event.

Therese Huston's presentation delved into the essential skills of giving and receiving feedback, a topic of paramount importance in leadership and personal growth. With a blend of research-backed strategies and practical advice, Huston equipped our attendees with the tools to foster a culture of constructive feedback in their organizations and relationships. Her engaging approach not only captivated the audience but also sparked meaningful discussions on how to apply these insights in real-world scenarios.

We are grateful to Therese Huston for her amazing presentation and to all those who attended, making 2024s RISE event a memorable one. 

RISE will return in Early 2026

Thank you to our sponsors

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Photos from the day

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Lynn Nelson, Industry IIDA

VP of Signature Events


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