The Northern Pacific Chapter of the International Interior Design Association consists of over 500 members from Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia.

The IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter seeks to uphold the highest standards for the professional practice of Interior Design in the states of Washington, Idaho and Alaska, as well as British Columbia and Alberta.

With a primary focus on Education, Advocacy and Outreach, the Chapter supports designers at all stages of their careers through scholarships, personal enrichment opportunities, connections to both the local and global design community, and ongoing support for the legal recognition of
the interior design profession. 

Join our nearly 500 members from Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia in diverse educational and networking opportunities.  See our volunteers grow into exceptional leaders.  Help us strengthen the design community and further the professional of Interior Design.  


Northern Pacific Chapter
PO Box 12826
Seattle, WA 98111-4826
Telephone: 206.762.6471
Email: info@iida-northernpacific.org

International Interior Design Association – International Headquarters
222 Merchandise Mart, Suite 567
Chicago, IL USA 60654-1104
Telephone: 312.467.1950
Telephone toll free within the continental United States: 888.799.IIDA (4432)
Facsimile: 312.467.0779
Email: iidahq@iida.org

Randi Thomas, IIDA


CTA Architects Engineers

Heather Tierney, IIDA


B+H Architects

Carli Rasschaert, IIDA

VP of Communications

IA Interior Architects

Michelle Anderson, Industry IIDA

VP of Membership

Bentley Mills​

Open Position

VP of Advocacy

Candon Murphy, Assoc. IIDA

VP of Campus Centers


Hannah Mackin, Assoc. IIDA

Director of Inland Northwest Campus Center

NAC Architecture

Laura Nelson, Industry IIDA

Director of Puget Sound Campus Center


Jaysun Kelly, Assoc. IIDA

Finance Director


Krissy Garber, Industry IIDA

Director of Signature Events

Global Furniture

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Carli Rasschaert, IIDA


IA Interior Architects

Shelly Engels Yancy, IIDA

VP of Professional Development

DLR Group

Todd Johnson, Industry IIDA

VP of Signature Events

Matter Contract

Francene Ray, Assoc. IIDA

VP of Sponsorship

LMN Architects

Shelly Streibick, Industry IIDA

VP of City Centers


Jessica Cody, IIDA

Director of Seattle City Center

Helix Design Group

Maddi Dietrich, Assoc. IIDA

Director of Boise City Center

CTA Architects Engineers

Nellie Swartz, Industry IIDA

Director of Inland Northwest City Center

United Tile

Brooke Henderson, Industry IIA

Administrative Director

United Tile

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Michelle Widner, IIDA


Bernardo Wills Architects

Marit Pirkoske, IIDA

NCIDQ Program Chair


Jenny Uribe, Student IIDA

Sponsorship Coordinator

Bellevue College​

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Kaare Sola, Assoc. IIDA

Social Media Coordinator

CTA Architects Engineers

Helena Bakhmulova

Graphics Coordinator

Ferguson Architecture​