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Member Spotlight | Kendra Shea

Kendra Shea, Assoc. IIDA

Member since: 2012

1) Why Interior Design? It gave me the ability to balance the two sides of my personality; the creative artist and the disciplined perfectionist. I’ve always loved art and architecture and interior design is for me the marriage of the two. When I discovered I could then go beyond the private space of a home and branch out into creating space for communities and large sectors of the population, I was hooked.

2) Why IIDA? As a student I joined a number of different networking groups. As I went through school and transitioned into being a professional IIDA not only gave me support but, also helped create contacts and meaningful relationships throughout the many areas of practice that Interior Design offers. I also appreciate IIDA’s focus on the larger design conversation, where design is going and how it effects the people who occupy those spaces.

3) What is your Favorite event that the IIDA hosts? TOAST! I enjoy getting together and celebrating all that the chapter has accomplished over the year.

4) Please tell us a couple interesting facts about you? Before I wanted to be an Interior Designer I studied ballet and dance. I went to a high school for the arts and moved to NYC to dance at the Alvin Ailey School. I am a proud dog mom of two pugs Yoda Duke of Gizmo and Mr. Neelix.

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