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Year Built: 1971


Artist Name: Doris Totten Chase 

Fun Fact:  Some believe Chase's work helped break down gender barriers.  (Learn more here)

Medium: Steel 

Neighborhood: Queen Anne 

Address: 211 West Highland Drive, Seattle, WA

"If you've ever been to that postcard-perfect lookout point in Queen Anne's Kerry Park, you've seen the work of Doris Totten Chase. Perhaps you've even been inside it. But what you might not realize is that the artist who created one of Seattle's most iconic outdoor sculptures was also a trailblazing figure in the history of experimental video and early computer art. Changing Form (1971), a 15-foot steel sculpture pierced with circular holes large enough to walk through, is a work of public art that engages the whole body of the viewer. To move through it is to participate in its changing form, and to move around it is to discover all the delightful and profound ways it slices up space.The marriage of simple shapes with a kinetic sense of time and movement is a thread that connects Doris Totten Chase's painting, printmaking, and sculpture with her highly influential work in video."  - Emily Pothast, The Stranger


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