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Zach Jensen, IIDA 

VP of Advocacy 

The Advocacy team strengthens awareness and understanding of the interior design profession among professionals and the public alike, through grassroots initiatives that focus on dialogue, education and evidence based design.

We organize efforts with two audiences in mind: internal and external. Internal advocacy focuses on interior designers and closely related professions, and is supported by our Amplify and forum events. External advocacy is focused on the general public and community outreach, through our Bridge and tour events. We also work closely with IIDA Headquarters on the advancement of the Interior Design profession. Please contact Sarah Larson, VP of Advocacy for questions about how to get involved in our advocacy initiatives!



Amplify Workshop: Elevating Interior Design 

As professional Interior Designers, we are constantly faced with a misconception of our profession. From being mistaken for being exclusively decorators by the public, to questions of our value to the holistic design process by our peers, we’ve dealt with a
considerable amount of tough situations that raise questions such as:

            "How do we become advocates for ourselves and our profession?"
            "How do we elevate the profession of Interior Design without diminishing others?"
            "What does legislation for Interior Design mean, and what is the end goal?"

IIDA’s approach to Advocacy is: Talk, Engage, and Recognize.


At our yearly Amplify Workshop, we’ll talk about how we talk and engage on the subject of advocacy for the Interior Design profession. The focus will be on tools for everyday, conversational advocacy through a combination of instruction and hands-on practice. Join us at the Amplify workshop for a chance to develop your “elevator speech” for Interior Design advocacy and to discover ways of helping to elevate Interior Design as a profession.

Please contact for questions on how to get involved!


We are excited to announce our annual community service project, BRIDGE!

BRIDGE is an external outreach initiative designed to connect communities in need with the talent and vision of our industry for lasting impact. We are currently planning our next BRIDGE initiative, so stay tuned!

Please contact for questions on how to get involved!

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